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Hey loves! I caught up with one of the Miss Universe Canada finalists this week. Where do I even start with Zoe Bennett?! There’s so much about this girl that’s so inspiring. Just 18 and conquering the world, here’s what Zoe has to say.

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1. What inspired me to participate in this pageant?

Funny story, I originally thought I was going for a casting call for a local pageant “Miss Windsor” and it ended up being a casting call for “Miss Universe Canada Western Ontario”. I made it through and continued to compete on in that pageant and was very blessed to be awarded “Miss Photogenic”, “Best Body”, and Top 5 which give me an advanced to Miss Universe Canada which I am competing in now. Originally, I just wanted to dip my toes in the pageant world. I knew I loved to be on stage/on camera from my previous dance experience and I also wanted to be more involved with the community. Once I was apart of that pageant I couldn’t get enough. I love what it stands for and the opportunities it can give women. I have been lucky to have this opportunity and I hope I can make everyone proud at Miss Universe Canada.

2. What is your greatest accomplishment?

I am very proud of my accomplishments with the Miss Universe Canada Western Ontario pageant, i would have never expected that outcome. Pageants aside, I have always been proud of my accomplishments with my competitive dance. I started at a very late age to be a competitive dancer. At the age of 12 I was asked to audition for the Dance Barre Elite team after they noticed me on stage at our recital. I went to the audition and made the team but was only placed in two dances with a younger age group. My technique wasn’t there yet. For that year I was at the Studio for 6-7 days a week, I worked so hard because I wanted to be in more dances, be featured, and eventually have a solo. The next year on the team I was placed in 5 dances and had the lead role in the musical theatre dance “Sweet Georgia Brown”. I’m very proud of how far I came with dance in a short amount of time.

3. I hear you go to the university of Windsor, tell us more about your course and how you plan on utilizing it to benefit the community?

 I am currently studying Communications, Media and Film. I am a first year student and I know that many different doors will open for me as I continue my studies but I really would love to go into broadcast journalism. I feel that anyone who is in the public eye has a great power to make a difference, and I think that one of the main reasons I love pageantry too! I believe that I could better our communities by challenging people to be the best version of themselves, to work hard, be passionate, and kind to each other. Creating awareness for local and global charities as well.

4. Describe your style in three words.

Boho, Fun and Classic

5. A beauty tip you swear by?

Vaseline! It works like a charm for removing makeup and moisturizing your lips. It also helps a lot for on stage smiling. If you put it on your teeth and gums before stage your mouth won’t get dried out from the lights and you can keep that pretty smile the entire time!

6. Your idea of the perfect day?

Well, to start summer is my favourite season so definitely a sunny summer day! I would eat a big breakfast, workout, take my dog Mojo for a nature walk and go for a swim with friends/family. I would also go shopping with my mom and bake with my Nana. Maybe even take a dance class! I have too many things I would want to do, this is a hard question! I guess at the end of the day I love to stay busy, I am happiest when I have lots of wonderful things on my plate but still time to relax and put my body and mind as a priority.

7. Your favourite trends for summer?

I love the all white look, I think its like a breath of fresh hair – so classy! I also love high waisted pants and fringe. Ive always gravitated to vintage hippy looks.

8. You fashion idol?

This is so hard. I have so many people and things that have influenced my style. As for celebrity style icons I would have to say a cross between the sexy yet chic cleans line and basics of Marilyne Monroe crossed with Grace Kelly’s innocent elegance.

9. Last item of clothing you bought?

A dress from Guess but I can’t give too much away about it because it might be one of my Miss Universe Canada outfits!

10. Shopbop.com items I love.


You can vote for Zoe now by clicking here!

Photo credits: @clozias

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  1. Michael Mascarenhas says:

    A great interview! Way to go!

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