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By now, everyone has heard of the term, #GIRLBOSS being thrown around but how many of you actually know what’s it like to be a girlboss today? A girlboss is someone who takes charge of their life and knows what their strengthens and weaknesses are which allows them to play to their strengths. Let’s backtrack a little. The term girlboss started from a visionary, Sophia Amoruso, CEO & Founder of NastyGal. She started Nasty Gal from scratch with no funds or even any real experience to run a business. However, she did have a goal and was determined to see her business succeed by keeping her customers the center of her attention.

I’ll be honest with you and let you in on a secret, half the successful people out there have made it not because they had their whole life figured out overnight. But the four things they all had in common are that they; set smart goals for themselves, were not afraid of hard work, they accepted failures and learned from their mistakes and lastly, embraced change. Having started my new job at Crystal Fountains, I’m pretty much left with no time to allocate towards my personal development. This has, however, opened my eyes to pay more attention to planning. From taking care of house chores, teaching Yoga, running my blog and my day job, I cannot begin my day without planning. A true girlboss knows not only how to plan but also allocates time for personal development. I strongly believe knowledge is power. There are several topics I can branch off and talk about when it comes to being a true girlboss but for now, I’m going to leave it at plan, plan and plan girls! It will take you a long way. I use a combination of tools to help me plan out my day. At work, Wrike (mainly project management based) is highly efficient for team-based planning, Google calendar for my personal agenda and planoly for my Instagram plan. Stay tuned for more topics on #TalkwithK!

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