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Most of us know that our body is 70% water. But did you know that a proper pH balance is as important to your body and overall health as staying hydrated? The chances are – your water is missing something. Many of water’s natural health benefits are leached away by municipal water treatment systems and bottled-water processing that reduce essential minerals and lowers the pH level of water, often making it acidic. Santevia balances your water by reducing acidity and restoring its natural pH balance. We inspire people to transform their lives through the benefits of balanced water. We do this by empowering people to improve the health benefits of their water through our innovative line-up of water filtration and optimization products. This campaign is all about featuring individuals who understand that ‘rocking your water’ is an important part of a healthy, holistic lifestyle. We’re hoping that you’ll show off all the fun and creative ways you #rockyourwater as you live out a healthy, inspirational life against the amazing scenic backdrops in this country we call home. What does “Rock Your Water” mean? Santevia doesn’t just filter water, it also puts important minerals back into the water, making it alkaline. Shaking (“rocking”) your water bottle with a Power or Recovery stick has the same effect as water flowing through a natural mountain stream picking up essential minerals as it travels.

Why Alkaline?

Your body works hard to maintain a healthy balance between acid (lower on the pH scale) and alkaline (higher on the pH scale), helping your systems operate efficiently. When there is an imbalance due to stress, lack of sleep, and over consumption of acidic foods (such as sugar, processed foods and alcohol) your body has to work harder to maintain its optimal pH level. How? By reaching for the alkalizing minerals it needs to counter the higher levels of acid. Unfortunately, these minerals are leached from your bones, organs and tissues. This depletion of resources, combined with the fact that viruses, fungus, yeast and bacteria thrive in acidic environments, opens the door to imbalance and disease in the body.

Many people are choosing to consume more alkaline foods and drinks to help their bodies maintain a healthy pH balance. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends consuming mineralized water for the maintenance of optimal health.

Power Water Stick

With the Made in Canada Power Water Stick, get clean, mineralized, alkaline water from your tap at home, office, yoga studio, gym, and outdoor water fountains.

Activate the Santevia POWER Stick by submerging it into bottle or glass. Shake or stir for 30 seconds. Water will reach optimal pH and chlorine reduction within 3-5 minutes. It’s that simple!

The Santevia POWER Stick is a masterpiece of unpressurized filtration technology. Water filtered through it meets or exceeds NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for chlorine reduction, taste, and odour.

The Santevia POWER Stick improves taste, reduces chlorine levels between 90% and 99% – adds essential minerals – raises pH – reduces damaging Oxidation Reduction Potential! – is an eco friendly choice – each one can prevent 300 single-use water bottles from entering landfills

Note products featuring the refreshed brand (see included image) will be available in-stores in Sep/Oct • Mineralizes (adds minerals) & Alkalizes (raises pH) • Reduces chlorine • Portable and convenient stainless steel tube • Suitable for travel / on-the-go • Made in Canada • Filter life: 48 gallons / 180 liters (~750k 8 oz. glasses) • 3 months of eight, 8 oz. glasses/day

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