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Dressing appropriately in the workplace is of utmost importance. How you choose to dress says a lot about your personality and character, more so in the work environment. Furthermore, in some organizations, it can directly impact your success in climbing the ladder of progress in your career. Hence, it is imperative that one dresses appropriately in the workplace.

Yet, what is the appropriate work attire?

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Given the fact that times have considerably changed, a few rules of workplace attire have definitely changed. For the young adults fresh out of university, it can get quite confusing and frustrating about what to wear to work.

In fact, according to a recent survey by a global staffing company, OfficeTeam, the business world is now embracing a more casual look. However, even though the dress codes are adhering to a more relaxed code, we have to keep a few things in mind. Every company has its own work culture and ethics that every employee has to adhere to.

For the purposes of this article, we shall be addressing this particular issue about proper workplace attire. Below are a few tips that will guide you on how to dress appropriately for work.

Stick To The Rules

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Even though the business world is now embracing the more casual look, we need to tread carefully. As previously mentioned, each workplace has its own rules of ethics and work culture. Depending on where you work, you have to adhere to those rules.

During your interview, try and study what they employees are wearing. You can also study what the top authorities of the company are also wearing. This will give you an idea of the dress code you should adhere to. If it’s business- formal, then adhere to business formal.

Play Safe

Sometimes playing it safe can really pay off. When in doubt, just play it safe and where the normal formal look that most workplaces adhere to. Even if you find that they have a more relaxed dress code, at least you still look professional and qualified.

This is important to note especially during your first interview or on your first day of work. Moreover, avoid bright colored outfits. Try and stick to neutral colors that have simple patterns and designs.

Value Modesty

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Modesty is a definite when it comes to dressing for work. Always try and pick outfits that are not revealing and are modest. For women, try and cover your chest and avoid wearing a skirt that is too short. For men, stay away from tight shirts.

Revealing outfits tend to be a distraction for others in the workplace, and they can make you and everyone around you uncomfortable. This can ultimately impact your level of confidence in the workplace. Moreover, modesty exudes a professional and sophisticated appeal. These are qualities that are definitely a plus in the business world.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

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So many people can easily dismiss shoes as not a vital factor. However, shoes play a crucial look at your final look. Admittedly, they can make or break your outfit.

Ensure that your shoes are in good shape and are not too distracting in terms of color and design. Also, wear shoes that fit the type of work that you’ll be doing. If your work entails walking around a lot, stay away from high- heels.

Try and stick to flat and comfortable shoes. This way, you can be more productive and comfortable at work.

Good Grooming Manners

The workplace is an environment where you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of people. The last thing you want is to have people avoiding you cause you smell bad. Ensure that you properly groom yourself and are always impeccably clean when you arrive at the office.

Do not overdo it with the cologne or perfume as well. Some people at work may have allergies and it might end up bothering them.

Stay Up To Date

The last thing you want it to walk into the office and give off the wrong impression. Going to work while wearing old or tattered clothes can give off this impression. In fact, such a look will make you look like you don’t care about your job or you do not take it seriously.

As previously stated, your clothes can say a lot about you. Buy some new quality clothes for work that is up to date. Always ensure that your clothes create a good impression.

Choose The Right Fit

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How many times have we seen an individual with an oversized suit or an over tight T-shirt? Countless times, right? Such clothes are definitely not professional. Moreover, they can be distracting to the people around you.

Tone Down On The Jewelry

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Women, do not overdo it with the jewellery. As much as jewellery can transform a simple outfit into pure glamour, we need to be simple. This does mean that you shouldn’t wear any jewellery in the workplace at all. However, just be subtle about it.

Too much jewellery or over accessorizing can be distracting to other people. The last thing you want when trying to close a deal is the person to be distracted, instead of listening to you.

In conclusion, regardless of the fact that the workplace attire is changing, we still need to keep a few things in mind. We always according to the rules stipulated by the organization you work in. Moreover, when in doubt, then play it safe. In other words, just go for an official look.

Ensure that you are always properly groomed when you show up at work. Moreover, dress according to your size and avoid wearing distracting attire.

Until next time!

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