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Welcome back #loves! It’s all about three stripes today! Yes! You guessed right, I am talking about my new shoe obsession, Adidas Superstars. If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@kfashionstop) you would know I’ve been raving about these shoes for a long time now. They’ve now even replaced all my loafers!! Well to be honest I haven’t had the chance to wear my loafers much because it has been a bit chilly the past few months.

However difficult it is to get hold of this pair, it’s PRETTY WORTH IT. They are very comfortable and can be paired with almost any attire. I decided to go with a two piece set (from Zara) along with a black jacket (also from Zara). YES I know what all of you are thinking…I do agree! It’s about time I become their brand ambassador.

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