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This week I got caught up with Huda Alvi, an inspirational individual focused on her cause #IMNOTJUSTABLOGGER and blog Hautebyhuda. We had a fun chat over hot chocolate and tea at my favourite cafe, Marche. Here’s a glimpse into Huda’s interview.

Photographed by @clozias



Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader?

My father and my ex-business partner Sam Ibrahim. My father has always encouraged being persistent in anything you do in life and to never give up. He is over the age of 60 today yet his ambitions are of a little boy. Not too many people have role models like that. Sam is who I learnt everything from in Business. He manages and owns one of the fastest companies in Canada and grew his company to almost a 40-Million-dollar company in front of my eyes. He is the most modest and normal looking man you will see yet he is the most influential leader in my life.

How did you find success in failure?

Easy – It’s a learning curve and you realise you grow even more after you fail.

#IAMMOREJUSTABLOGGER. What is this movement about?

To shed light into Social Media, that not everything you see if what it looks like and that there is a story behind every person. The campaign is to empower those who may be afraid to share their story, their pain or even their accomplishments in the pursuit to find social media fame. It is to be real, to be human and to show the world you who you truly are behind that lens.


A piece of advice to any fellow blogger.

Be you. Be real and never give up.

Describe your style in 3 words.

Simple, chic and always elegant.


A beauty tip you swear by?

Moisturise your lips every day.

Your favourite fall trends.

Waterfall jackets and thigh High boots!

I reckon you always have to take into account how you present yourself. Who would say is your fashion inspiration?

Fashion Inspiration; Jessica and Rachel from the show” Suits”, Blogger Inspiration is everywhere on my feed.

6 items on Shopbop.com that I am crushing over this season

MLM LABEL – Splendid – CLAYTON – Free People – Petit Bateau – ONE by STYLEKEEPERS

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