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When I started Kfashionstop, I was no expert in editing images. But I was curious to learn how photographers captured the images that they did, the reason behind their edit or even how that appeals to one’s eye. All in all I needed to build my skill set and what better way than to practice on my own images. I urge you to do the same. If you are a blogger starting off heavily on photo content, think about what you want your feed to look like. What would set your profile apart from what’s trending in the industry. Some people stick to using specific colours only and some like it very colourful. It all depends on your preference. I wouldn’t think over this too much because what matters more is what you are informing your audience about. Create a niche for yourself. You can find a few ideas here.

Below is the first image I ever uploaded on my account…pretty bad eh? Well I am probably being too harsh on myself but compared to any of my edits now, I feel there’s a lot I could be done right in this picture.

I went from that in 2014 to capturing images like this…

Picture taken by @outandabout.to

And now we have this…

This 4 step process is one of the most simplest form of editing images. I will follow up on other post on a more detailed edit that I do at times. It’s no rocket science so your all in good hands!

  1. First think about the background you would like. This was actually my first attempt of capturing an image indoors at a restaurant. I really liked the bar space and the red stools that blended so well with my silk top.
  2. The photographer should be able to help you out with angling the shot. However, if you are with your bestie who has no clue on how to take an attractive image or something you are looking for, guide them! For so many posts, I get my mum to help me out and no, she’s no photographer. I tell her exactly what I want to focus on and at what angle to test out. After a couple of recommendations, we are good to go and she is constantly learning. My main tip here is to identify what you are trying to get out of the shot. What is your goal? Is it supposed to focus on a specific product? A portrait? and so on…
  3. Choose your filter. Some people prefer the idea of using either natural light and use no filter or even some like to  keep it just black and white. By all means do so, it’s your brand in the end of the day! Own it! What I am trying to get at is stick to a common theme. I definitely use a filter and then edit on that. The idea is to be confident with everything you post. You need to believe in your work first!
  4. Once you are good with the basic filter, there are always little tools to adjust to add in the ‘WOW’ factor to your post. I work on Snapseed (iTunes or Google Play) A LOT. I literally use 3 tools and my photo is good to post. I play around with the ‘Selective‘ tool to darken/brighten certain spots on my post depending on what I want to focus on. I then play around with ‘Details‘ which covers the sharpness or structure of the overall image. I find this feature helps a lot with bringing clarity to your image. Lastly, I work with ‘Tune‘ image, this helps with refining the little details such as saturation, shadows, highlights etc. It all depends on your theme for this tool. Some other great apps are Vsco and Color Story.

Once you have all your edits done, you can now think about planning when you want to post what image. This is usually key when it comes to matching your overall voice on your feed. You do not want to sound too salesy.

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