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Guess WHAT?! I’m back and with a few new posts up my sleeve! Well my website was under maintenance for a while now but hey I had to fix it up for you peeps! I hope you enjoy this look I put together, I’m wearing all Zara. It’s no surprise that I’m in love with their collections…

I do pay a deaf ear to those who go on about how their quality has reduced! If you ask me, I pick and choose my clothes carefully. I don’t usually put my clothes in the drier, I let them dry on their own. Which makes a huge difference! Driers tend to damage the fabric and here’s another tip, if you do leave you clothes to dry, turn them inside out. It prevents the heat from damaging the fabric. I’m sure majority of you notice the white tint that forms when you keep you clothes out. I’m talking about our HOT summers in Dubai. Watch out for my upcoming beauty post, I’ll be talking about my favourite make up essentials!


Until next time loves,

Karen Mascarenhas

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  1. Bethalyn Chavez Tuazon says:

    i love every bit of your article…continue to inspire people…keep up the good work ?

    1. kfashionstopadmin says:

      Thank you so much! Truly means a lot 🙂

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