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Are you feeling stressed out lately? Do you find yourself feeling more irritable lately? It is only common to face such feelings when you do not give yourself a break. Taking some time off to do things that truly makes you happy. There are days where you will find yourself working late or even find yourself working when you get home. I can for sure say I am guilty of doing that. But then I realized the importance of cutting back and letting myself rejuvenate.

So this weekend, all thanks to Ford Canada, I spent the weekend at St. Anne’s Spa. It was a splendid experience filled with massages, yoga and food. I opted for the 2 night’s package where you get to not only stay within the relaxing premises but also get fed 4 times a day. Yes! 4 times a day….Let’s just say, by the end of the trip I was so content and ready to conquer what the next week had in store for me. Ford Canada was generous enough to offer me their new Ford Explorer, I certainly felt like royalty cruising in that sweet ride.  Especially because I spend so many hours commuting around Toronto, it can sometimes be hard to find the calm amidst the chaos. With drivers spending more and more time on the road, automakers like Ford are looking closely at how a vehicle’s interior features and innovative driver assist technologies can help put bodies – and minds – at ease and allow wellness to be an integral part of the driving experience.

My key tips to keep in mind while driving:


Focus on wellness from the moment you get in your car and ensure you’re seated properly before you drive. To avoid straining your neck, upper back and shoulders, make it a habit to check your posture and sit as far back into the seat as possible. Now, roll your shoulders back and send the shoulder blades down as if you are putting them in your back pockets. Take advantage of the available power driver and passenger seats in Ford vehicles to find the perfect seating position and if
your vehicle has available heated seats, switch them on to help soothe lower back pain.


From morning to night, you can rely on stress-relieving apps such as FordPass™  to connect you with your vehicle from your smartphone. You can check your fuel level, locate your vehicle, remote start, plus lock and unlock your car. That’s not all, you can even find an available parking spot near you, and call for Roadside Assistance when you need help the most – all with the touch of a button.


Get where you’re going without needing a map. Arrive safely and confidently by using Ford’s available SYNC® 3 technology to easily navigate to your destination. The infotainment system also helps you pair your phone, find a restaurant or gas
station, control the vehicle’s climate and tune into your favourite music station – all with the simplest of voice commands that allow you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.


In moments of stress, we tend to breathe fast and shallow. Sometimes we even hold the breath altogether. Become conscious of your breathing to energize the body, clear the mind and even lower blood pressure. Try repeating 5-10 cycles of mindful breathing: inhale through the nose for a count of 6 and exhale for a count of 8. It’s a healthy habit, and in fact, even your Ford vehicle takes breathers some times. Ford’s Auto Start-Stop technology, which shuts off the engine during common stops, for example at traffic lights or in heavy traffic, means the vehicle burns no gas and emits zero tailpipe emissions during these frequent stops. That’s a break for your wallet and the environment.


Relish in the interior quietness of your Ford vehicle to focus on your wellbeing. With engine and outside sounds at barely
a hum, you can use your drive time for silent contemplation or to sing your heart out. A recent study found that listening to songs that sound sad or touch on a gloomy theme in the morning can make for a happier drive. Search Spotify for Ford’s curated list of ‘sad songs’ and find wellness in tunes such as “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers or “Sorry” by Justin Bieber.


Bringing some movement to your body when the vehicle is safely stopped is a great habit to get into. Rotate your head slowly like you’re motioning “no,” while pausing movement when any tension is felt. Lean your right ear to your right shoulder and then point your nose down towards your right underarm. Repeat on the other side. Now wiggle your
spine like you’re working on your best belly dance moves.


When you have arrived at your final destination and your vehicle is off, spinal twists are a fantastic way to end your journey. Sit up straight and move yourself forward a few centimeters. Now, reach across to the passenger seat with your left hand and pull yourself into a gentle twist. Inhale to sit taller and exhale to deepen the twist. Stay for 5 breaths before switching sides.

On a side note as promised, here are 5 ways to de-stress right now:

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1. Yoga

I cannot emphasize more on how important yoga is for your mind and body. Other than all the benefits yoga has for external parts of your body, it plays a vital part on your mind as well. Yoga has taught me to block all the negativity in my life and concentrate on the good and what I can do to help others around me.

2. Get some me time

A spa getaway is something I highly recommend, take a book along or a binge watch your favourite T.V. Pssssst Stranger Things 2 should be on your radar!

3. Avoid your mobile

It’s hard to believe, but being a blogger you tend to spend a lot more time on your cellular device than usual and I found myself feeling anxious whenever a new notification popped up. Of late, I have turned off all my notifications for any social media and more importantly put my phone aside and focus on what I should be finishing up at home; be it chores or even spending quality time with your loved ones.

4. Spend time with family and friends

It is amazing how much of an impact family and friends have on your mind. You want an instant recovery to feel better? Spend time with family!

5. Go out and explore

One of the best ways I forget about everything going on at work is when I get out of the house and try something new; from virtual reality games to meeting new Instagram friends, I make it point to try something different out.

If you made it this far of my blog post you certainly do care to take some time off for yourself. So…do so! You deserve it!

Until next time,


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